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Photo and Film



About Our Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here at SoundSurge Entertainment, we strive to capture moments that last a lifetime. Our award-winning photographers, along with the highest-quality European albums makes SoundSurge Photography a smart choice for anyone that is looking for the highest quality photography service at a competitive price.



A lot of people ask us to describe our photographic style, and the simple answer is “classic with a contemporary twist.” We aim to create fresh and innovative photos while still maintaining a sense of timelessness so our images can be appreciated 10 days after your wedding to 10 years after your wedding. We treat every image we give to our bride & grooms with our post-production magic and take the creative reigns to make sure each photo best represents you as a couple.

Our studio employs several boutique photographers that share similar shooting styles to ensure quality and consistency with each and every event. We are comprised of a team of full-time photographers with decades of combined experience behind the camera, each with their own creative vision , but all striving to capture the best possible memories for years to come.

We are in this industry because it is our passion. As award-winning photographers, our shooting and photojournalistic styles are unique. We strive to be innovative and treat each and every event with the attention it deserves. After our first consultation, we immediately pair you with a photographer or photographers we feel will be a perfect fit for you. We love working one on one with couples.

We let our work speak for itself, so please be sure to ask us for a sample or visit us on the web to view our photos. If interested, contact us and we will start tailoring a package specifically for your needs.

The Experience

When searching for a photographer, the two most important things at the end of the day are:


1) You have to like the images. Styles vary from photographer to photographer and one really has to choose the style of photography that they can personally see themselves in. One photographer may have an alluring style to you, but if you can’t see yourself posing or acting like the couples in a particular photographer, it’s not going to be much different come your wedding day. You really have to find photos that speak to you personally.


2) You have to be comfortable with your photographer. Your connection with your photographer has to be one of comfort and trust for your photos to come out natural. We like to think that we do a good job of making our clients feel comfortable in front of the camera so that they can focus on getting married and being in the moment and we can focus on being there to capture it.


Photography Samples

About our Cinematography


Weddings are one of our favorite things to do. With new technology and the fast growing wedding !lm industry, we’ll turn your wedding into a cinematic experience that will take your breath away. Our secret is not in our cameras, although they do play a big part, it is actually in our story telling and the way we interact with our couples. We listen to what they want and collaborate with their ideas so that their wedding !lm will be one of the most special pieces of memory that they will ever own.


We are not all about business and transactions, but we are about wanting to get to know you! Yes, we are a company, but an enthusiastic company looking forward to building relationships with great personalities to tell beautiful stories of who you are as an individual, a couple, and the reasons why you are getting married! We strive for excellence, high quality, and ensure that our work is professionally delivered while maintaining its excitement, inspiration, motivation, and passion for the craft of storytelling.


We are in this industry because it is our passion. As “award winning” !lmmakers that create documentary and cinematic wedding !lms, we feel that our shooting and storytelling styles are unique. We strive to be different in many ways and do things that no one has ever achieved. SoundSurge Entertainment is about creating emotional wedding stories utilizing our strong experiences from producing and directing short !lms, feature !lms, commercials, and music videos.


We let our work speak for itself, so please be sure to ask us for a sample reel or visit us on the web to view samples. If interested, contact us and we will start tailoring your unique story to make it one of the most special days you’ll ever remember.


Cinematography Samples


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